Bangkok City of Angels

Welcome to Bangkok!

Bangkok or also known as KrungThep to the locals, which means « City of Angels« . KrungThep is actually an abbreviated version of its full name, which has the world’s longest name. Remember that song, “One night in Bangkok”? Well, one night simply isn’t enough! You’ll definitely want to stay here longer than just one night, perhaps a week, or even a month if you can spare the time.

Which hotel in Bangkok will it be? There is always something for everyone here. If you like clubbing check out the Bangkok club listings here, or perhaps you’d like to enjoy a beer watching your favourite sport, you can find a few places in the Bars section – Sports bars. If pool is your cup of tea, the list of pool bars in Bangkok will show you the way, and you will find some very good players to test your skills with. Other than Bangkok’s legendary night life, there are plenty of other places to visit as well.

There is always something for everyone here, be it shopping, sightseeing, experiencing the vibrant Bangkok night life or tasting the best Thai food here. Bangkok’s traffic jams are legendary, so knowing where to stay will certainly save you a lot of time. You will probably want to know which of the Bangkok hotels are located near the Skytrain (BTS) or the subway (MRT). This will help you get around the city with greater ease.

Here is a list of hotels near the BTS/MRT. Here are a few sections (go-go bars, beer bars [to hang out and listen to a live band]; pool bars, discos, lounges, clubs, night clubs and gentlemen’s clubs (enjoy your nights in Bangkok), Bangkok hotels, body massage parlours, Thai traditional massage and oil massage parlours, Bangkok restaurants and interesting places in Bangkok, Thailand that we feel would be useful-to-know, to make your night out in Bangkok more fun.



Prenez vos billets d’avion jusqu'à Bangkok, nous nous occupons du reste, guide, transports, visites, circuits, hotels, vols, trains, bus... Avec notre Association de Guides Touristique nous vous proposons un accompagnement durant vos visites d'un Guide Thailandais francophone, de la prestigieuse Silpakorn University. Diplomé et certifié par une licence du Ministère du Tourisme de Thailande (TAT), avec plus de dix années d'expérience, ils vous guideront à travers le Pays du Sourire "En Français".

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