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Before choosing the right time of year for a trip to Thailand, beginning with choosing the right airline that will offer the best prices. Use search engines and travel agency available on the website Thebestofthailand. The number of tourists in Thailand, is spread over three seasons, the low season, May and June, a shoulder season from March 15 to April 30, July-October and the peak season from November to March.
They exist in large airline from Europe and the Thai national carrier, Thai Airways International, serves all European capitals. Allow about 11 flight hours for a direct flight. Other airline with flights to stopover (s) serve Thailand such as Lufthansa – Swiss – British Airways – Cathay Pacific – Qatar Airways – Aeroflot – Singapore Airlines – and many other destinations have to the new Bangkok airport or directly to Phuket

The time difference is GMT + 7 hours, in summer it is 10:00 in Paris (GMT +2) is 15:00 in Bangkok and in winter 16:00. Also note that the Thai year is offset by 543 years by the Western calendar and the year 2012 is the year 2555 in Thailand.
The use of mobile phone or Smartphone is highly developed in Thailand.The entire territory is covered for use GSM and 3G. But the surcharge on calls and internet connections imposed by European operators if you use your SIM card, you will book bad surprise when you return. Use your Smartphone only if you are connected to a WIFI. For your telephone calls, use a SIM card Thailand (AIS, DTAC, True Move) They cost virtually nothing Thai baht 50 (1.20 €) and are rechargeable to suit your communication with prepaid cards that you find in all stores 7/11 – Family Mart and across large areas. If your phone is locked, the easiest way is to buy a phone in Thailand: one finds apart from 500 baht (15 €).
Formality to enter Thailand: Depending on the purpose of the trip, and the nationality of the traveler, the entry into Thailand is subject to no or obtaining a visa.
To stay up to 30 days the authorization is issued free on arrival (plane).
Between 30 and 60 days request a tourist visa prior to travel (Thai consulate in your area)
Between 61 and 90 days: a tourist visa for 60 days and an extension (visa extension) to 30 days to ask Thailand to an Immigration Office.

Health: In Thailand it is better not to drink tap water. Purified water is easily as mineral water commercially. It is better to gradually adjust to Thai cuisine. If there is no risk in restaurants, it will be more vigilant on the popular markets. Choose products fried in front of you. Specify if you want non-spicy dishes. Otherwise there is no health risk in Thailand, mosquito bites are unpleasant, but it is easy to protect yourself. Hospitals and pharmacies is easily and are very effective.
Road Safety in Thailand: Roll LEFT, two-wheeler, wearing a helmet, do not leave your passport as security to a vehicle rental company.
Use Internet and ADSL in Thailand is very easy, there is countless « Internet shop » and all hotels, accommodation and airport are equipped with WIFI. (Sometimes free)

Tradition in Thailand: Wai, salvation is by joining both hands, palms against palms.
The feet are considered part of the body most impure, so we did not direct his toes at anyone. We do not touch the head of a Thai. The Thai national anthem is broadcast every day at 8: 00 and 18: 00 in all public places and on television and radio, and then it should stop all activity and standing.
The King and the royal family are the subject of profound respect. The yellow color of Monday, is the color of the King, since he was born a Monday.
Money in Thailand: the currency is the Baht. There is no need to bring foreign standards. (Dollars). The exchange rate is currently about 40 baht for one euro. For a stay backpacker, counting about 20 € per person per day (guesthouse, meals). All credit cards are accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard … Vending machines (ATMs) are widespread in all regions. The biggest ticket is the ticket of 1000 baht (about 25 €). Tipping is a practice popular in Thailand; 20 baht ticket is always a pleasure.

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